Posted on: November 20, 2009 9:15 pm

Keeping track of one troll's mutiple accounts

Has this year been the worst for trolling on the Cowboys board in a while? The same guy that brought to you the accounts of Carolina8800, Squirrel Cowboy, etc. has now cranked up the heat on this board over the past week by trolling here more than ever and posting random crap on more of our threads with his other new accounts such as:

Whale & Wasp

With all that said, I'm gonna keep updating this blog thread for each new troll account this troll makes, if I can remember to do so. Look back here for more new names. Hopefully the admin sees these names I post and keep their finger on the ban button.

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Posted on: November 20, 2009 11:40 am

Might have to change majors.

I shouldn't be open about my personal life, but I trust my favorites and regulars on the Cowboys board enough to do so.

I have originally planned out my future to be a meteorologist because I've been interested in weather since I was a little kid, though I was afraid of thunderstorms at that time. LOL! Anyway, I thought that if everything goes well, I might be able to live a decent life since meterologists make a decent amount of money. Anyway, this semester, though it's going to end in mid December, I've been taking courses that can fill up my transcript because I planned on transfering to Penn State since I hear it's a good place to major in meteorology. The college I'm in now offers a meteorology course that I am currently taking. I like that class and I am acing it. Unfortunately, I'm taking Calculus too. I heard that Calculus is a tough course, but since I am good in math, I thought maybe Calculus really isn't THAT bad. Well, I'm eating crow now. I'm struggling in that course, and that course is what defines my future. Sure, it's my fault that I haven't put in enough effort in that class, but now that I am putting more effort in that class, it still might not be enough. So far, out of the 3 tests I took, I got D's on 2 of them. I got a C on the the latest test because I put more effort into studying. I'll let the rest of the semseter play out, but it looks I'm going to have to change majors. I've realized I were to succeed in Calculus, I would end up struggling in another subject required for meterology. Physics to be exact. I've always struggled in Physics, but I heard Engineering Physics ia A LOT tougher. All the more that I might change majors. I think I might know what to major in next.

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